Health And Wellness

Health and Wellness

In this clip, James shares lessons he learned from his own unexpected mental and physical challenge to remind us that we always have a choice as to how we react to unexpected events.
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Imagine That! Introduction, Goals and Focus

In this engaging, practical, interactive and entertaining program, James captures and holds the audience’s attention with a compelling series of stories, demonstrations and video clips that leave no doubt that – “You can achieve what you imagine.”
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Imagine That! Managing Change

The bigger the goal – the more we need to be comfortable with change. James explains how we can overcome resistance to change by asking the right questions.
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Imagine That! On Taking Risks

Confronting his greatest fear, James demonstrates and explains that taking risks is a necessary part of our growth process.
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Imagine That! The Illusion of Fear

James provides insight into how our mind can trick us into believing that a benign circumstance is a threat and how we can break through the “illusion” of fear.
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Imagine That! The Power of Visualization

In this clip, James creates a compelling interactive visualization exercise where all the participants experience the incredible power of their imagination.
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True Leadership: The Neuroscience of Effective Leaders

True Leadership: Quick Clips

This series of 10-second or less “quick clips” are from James; Keynote presentation.
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True Leadership: Passion & Values

This two-minute audience interactive clip demonstrates how leaders can ignite both passion and motivation.
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True Leadership: Illusory Fear

Using an illusion, Mapes demonstrates the destructive nature of fear, how fear can inhibit leadership excellence and how to break through “illusory fear.”
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True Leadership: How The Mind Works

Citing the most recent research in Brain Sciences, James redefines the mind in a way that gives insight as to how leaders can inspire and motivate others to excellence using the simple metaphor of a small “Rider” (conscious mind) on the back of a large, powerful “Elephant” (subconscious mind), Mapes explains how the power of vision enhances creativity and instills commitment.
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Personal Interviews: Getting To Know James

Walking on Fire: Breaking through fear

James talks about walking on fire as the catalyst for his first business presentation topic in 1982.
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Acting: Speaking the Truth

Whether it is speaking in front of an audience or acting in film, authenticity is the key to success. James speaks about how his professional acting has added value to his speaking career.
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