Imagine That!: Igniting Your Brain for Creativity and Peak Performance

Imagine an amazing book that can easily help everyone enhance their life: mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and socially. Imagine this book is a stunning 305 page hardcover with 21 video links to inspire and educate about the incredible power of the mind & the elegance of the imagination. These 3-6 min video clips provide simple, practical tools for personal growth in all areas of life and I do the coaching.

Hardcover Book

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Imagine That!

Quantum Leap Thinking – An Owner’s Guide to the Mind!

You can have, do and create anything you want out of life. You are the architect of your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional self. James Mapes has proved it. Mapes, the acknowledged master of Quantum Leap Thinking™, shows you in this audio program how to master your mind and harness your imagination. Using his 14-point system, he presents clear and precise, laser-specific strategies to make positive changes in your life in an instant with a simple shift of your thinking. His heartfelt, energizing, interactive and thought-provoking program shows you how to:

  • Manage change for positive growth
  • Form a vision to catapult you into your future success
  • Use values as motivators
  • Turn Fear in Power
  • Use visualization to explode your creativity
  • Balance your life to create harmony
  • To take risks for continuous growth.

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Digital Audio

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The Workbook: The Magic of Quantum Leap Thinking

A great addition to Quantum Leap Thinking: An Owner’s Guide To The Mind. The Workbook explains the basis of Quantum Leap Thinking, a necessary foundation of creative thinking, managing change and continuous learning upon which are balanced the 14 points of a Quantum Leap. This will be the inspirational handbook you’ll keep in your briefcase or on the table next to your bed or give to a colleague, friend, spouse or child.

“An attention-getting challenge and a valuable experience. Jim takes people beyond their boxes.”
R. Kirk Weidner – General Manager Cargill, Inc

“On Target! James Mapes helps focus on out-of-the-box thinking. Great for creative work sessions.”
Larry Trerotola – Marketing Director, DuPont Format: Workbook

Soft Cover Book

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