“I have been taking your suggestions and doing the assignments and exercises you gave me. It has been like a miracle. I’m not only impressed but I am grateful more than words can express.”
– Robert R. Matheson, Founder and CEO
Robert Redd & Everyman Consulting

“James Mapes is the Ultimate Success Coach. We are all searching for the key that unlocks the door to our paths to success. James can show you the way. Do your life a favor, and see the Master.”
– Dr. James W. Campbell, NJ
“I never dreamed that seeing a coach could help elevate my thinking to such a level that I can both manage negative stress and reframe negative thinking into positive action. Learning visualization has changed my life. Thank you so very much.”
– Joseph Massa, Chicago Illinois
“Well, you helped me take my golf game to the next level. You are truly a master of the imagination. Thank you for your help”
Harvey Bensol, CA
“The opportunity to work with James on a one-on-one coaching released what years of motivational tapes and self-help books could never do. Who am I? What is important to me? What do I really want? James’ ability to quickly ‘zero in’ on my areas could have only been done in my individual coaching sessions. I am absolutely convinced and have proven to myself that only he could have brought me here. Thank you James.”
Don Brown
“James has the ability to listen and to hear what you are saying. He is able to separate personal matters from professional matters and guide you to a path that will move you forward in both. He is able to identify and prioritize the issues that needed to be dealt with. I found James both insightful and wise with his counsel. He provided follow up and encouragement to help me move forward in a process that had an end goal in mind. I would highly recommend that time spent with James is time well spent.”
Lyn K.