John Spence, recognized as one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior for his “extensive, positive contribution to building trust in business” shares some thoughts on James Mapes in a recent video from his Big Breakfast presentation on November 1, 2013 in South Florida.

“Everyone enjoyed James’ Keynote very much. It was thought provoking and engaging. Also, everyone appreciated spending time with him for cocktails and dinner.”
Steve Mongelli, Chief Revenue Officer
Clarity Software

“You did a great thing today to awaken myself and everyone else in the room. It was great to see one of my all-time favorites in action again. Your scores were excellent and nothing but excellent feedback. Your stories are fantastic and I appreciate you sharing them with me.”
Rick Gallegos, President/CEO
Dale Carnegie Tampa Bay

“Thanks!! It was great meeting you and I really enjoyed your presentation. Thank you for positively impacting my personal and professional life!!”
Valeri Marks, President & CEO, Medical Technology Associates, Inc.
Chairman of The CEO Council of Tampa Bay
Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida Area

“Mutual impact from my perspective… I would like to send you some resources as well. Loved the program – Tangible, Actionable, Memorable.”
Tim Marks, President, Metropolitan Ministries
Tampa, FL

“I thought you did a great job. The reviews from our members were also terrific. I know we were time limited but I would have loved to try the board breaking exercise. Next time!!”
Jamie Harden, President & CEO
Creative Sign Designs
Tampa, FL

“I enjoyed your presentation yesterday with the CEO group. I got this ‘thought of the day’ and thought of you.”

“Through some strange and powerful principle of ‘mental chemistry’ which she has never divulged, Nature wraps up in the impulse of strong desire ‘that something’ which recognizes no such word as impossible, and accepts no such reality as failure.” -Napoleon Hill Foundation

“I look forward to seeing the results of our group’s commitment and pledge.”
Gregg Nicklaus, President Siesta Beach Resort
Tampa Bay/Clearwater, FL

“I really liked your presentation.”
Richard L. Sanchez, Managing Partner, Visibility Management
Clearwater, FL

“James Mapes’ customer conference session IMAGINE THAT! was a huge success. James has a very engaging style and he focused on making sure that audience takes away something tangible out of his session. His high audience ratings reflected the impact he made.”
Majesco Mastek
Ketan Mehta, CEO

“James was at his best and the entire team just loved him. His contribution and impression on me personally was more than I ever expected. If James ever needs a recommendation, I would be happy to provide it.”
Paul Block, CEO
Merisant Company

“What an enjoyable luncheon program you provided. As promised, you delivered information, interaction, and humor. I would be glad to recommend you.”
Patricia Adkins
Finance & Administration Roundtable
Event Director

“James was FANTASTIC. I’ve gotten extremely positive feedback from all our senior executives, both verbally and via e-mail. His personalization of the material really impressed everyone, as well as his energy. He was a great way to end the conference. I have to tell you, James is the ultimate professional.”
Colliers Turley Martin Tucker
Lynn A. Miller, Director of Corporate Training

“What an inspirational evening! You truly captivated HP’s management team with your presentation and opened their minds to ‘anything & everything’ is possible. Your message and your delivery were extremely effective for ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking and personal application. We highly recommend you for rejuvenating a conference and helping people through change. Your message is perfect for peak performers.
Hewlett Packard Company
Dan Vertrees, VP

“James was GREAT! Our group really enjoyed his presentation and walked away with very useful ideas on how to embrace and leverage change.”
Sun Trust Commercial Banking
Darrell C. Green, FVP, Sales Administration

“I am in my fifties, in sales all of my life, and I have seen many programs regarding self-help and motivation, and I would say that James’ program was among the very best that I have ever seen – right up there with ZigZiglar. When you can get someone who has been around for a while pumped-up again, and at the same time provide new thoughts and ideas, you have a most valuable program.”
State Farm Insurance Companies
Dave Wells, Senior Sales Agent

“Bravo on your presentation in Miami, Florida for SAG Software. Keep making a difference, the world needs more Mapes!”
Maximum Potential, Int’l.
Ann McIlraith, President & CEO

“I want to thank you for your brilliant Keynote Speech. You did everything that one could possibly do in a Keynote and then more. Your ideas were challenging. You provided practical information which could immediately be implemented by our attendees. You got rave reviews.”
National Association for Home Care & Hospice
Val J. Halamandaris, President

“Our client, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, absolutely loved your presentation. They said it was superb! Thanks again for all your help!
Melanie Roy
Event & Sales Coordinator for CACDS meeting

“Thank you again for an insightful talk last night! We really appreciate your efforts in adapting your typical presentation to fit the group needs for our retreat. It was a great lead into important dialogue on our team and where we are, values, pushing boundaries on our fear and thinking, etc. We will certainly come back to these topics throughout the retreat! Thanks again and I will certainly let be back in touch!”
EMD Serono, Inc.
Megan L. Wherry, Vice President – Human Resources

“I had the great pleasure to listen to your presentation recently at the CACDS conference in MontrealCanada. It was the best presentation I have heard in my life and it was incredibly motivating.”
Abbott Canada
Brian Archer, Pharmaceutical National Account Manager

“Great guy and even better, I love what he does and loved his presentation. He talks about things a lot of people don’t say out loud. His message was very effective.”
Joanne Galvin

“James is one of the most insightful and motivational business speakers I have seen. He gets people to both think and gives them practical tools to help manage themselves and therefore their businesses in these turbulent times of change. He is personable and energizes the audience with his enthusiastic delivery such that you leave James’s session with your mind in overdrive thinking about the concepts and ideas that James has put forward.”
Omnicom Europe Limited
Gavin Stark, Project Manager, Group Secretariat

“I’ve seen many conference speakers in my career. James Mapes is one I’ll remember. His genuine approach engages you in a delightful mind journey that will improve both your personal and professional life, long after you hear him speak.”
Riverside Health Systems
Kendra Cooper, Director, Quality Outcomes

“I just wanted to take a minute to tell you thank you very much for your presentation yesterday. Actually I probably could have listened to you all day long. If you do this to make a difference to just one person a day, count me as your one. Keep up the good work.”
Global Apparel Express, Inc.
EvadneMorakis, CRO

“I attended your presentation at the Sage conference in Bethesda and thought it was phenomenal. I think that your presentation would be very beneficialto our organization’s management team. Let me know if you would be interested. Thanks so much.”
Covenant Woods
Erik Mauritsen, Director of Accounting and Compliance, Covenant Woods

“I just saw your presentation at the Leadership Conference and was most impressed with your thoughts and comments. I look forward to applying these skills immediately in my work and personal life. Thank you very much.”
Vancouver Police Department
Rob Rothwell, Chief Inspector

“I attended your talk in Dallas. If I did not hear anything else this week, your talk would have been worth the trip. Thank you for what you gave to us there. It was a gift I am very grateful for.”
Proforma, Inc.
Margaret Hun, Owner

“James Mapes was a pleasure to work with. His keynote presentation added value to the event and resonated with our audience. James Mapes was a great compliment to our programming and overall message. We look forward to the opportunity to work with him again.”
Sage Software
Alison Catania, Sr. Strategic Marketing Manager

“Your presentation was excellent. In brief, much of what you said was quoted during presentations and by other team members the rest of Wednesday and Thursday; a testament to your ability to connect with the audience.”
Swiss Re
Mark Tschiegg, P.E., PMP Senior VP

“I had the privilege of participating in your motivational workshop at Seven Springs, PA. You were very motivational and gave me the pick me up that I have needed. Being a teacher, there were many things that you gave me that I could take back to my classroom and apply to my teaching. I have used your book various times with the students. They enjoy it a lot. Thanks so much for your time and the much-needed pick-me-up.”
Ashley B. Matheny

“I attended the Stock Building Supply Management Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico last week that you spoke at. I wanted to let you know that your speech was motivating, insightful and kept my interest the whole time. You are by far the best.”
Stock Building Supply
Rick Smith, Owner

“I wanted to thank you for the powerful & provocative talk you gave to Colemont Insurance Brokers this past Thursday. I truly enjoyed it. Your message is a strong one!”
Colemont Insurance Brokers
Andrea Watkins, V. P. Sales

“The talk you gave to us at Baylor in Dallas was excellent. You capture your audience and teach as well as entertain. The feedback I have heard from our leaders seems to indicate you left them wanting more.”
Baylor Health Care System
Cody Murray, Training Specialist, Talent and Organization Development

“It was a great session with James. I heard lots of great comments after your session. I think your message was thought provoking and left everyone with something to ponder & work on.”
Varolii Corporation
Laurie Richardson, Event Manager

“I have heard wonderful responses regarding your session. Thank you.”
Raymond James
Christine Hartman, Corporate Meeting Planner

“I found your presentation at the Raymond James conference to be fascinating -thanks for speaking to us.”
Anne Bedinger
Raymond James and Associates, Inc.
Assistant VP, Investments, Wealth Management Specialist

“I’ve seen many conference speakers in my career. James Mapes is one I’ll remember. His genuine approach engages you in a delightful mind journey that will improve both your personal and professional life, long after your hear him speak.”
Riverside Health System
Kendra Cooper, RN, BSN, CPHQ, Director, Quality Outcomes