Imagine That! Unleashing the Power of the Imagination for Success

Success literally depends on how people use their imagination. Exceptional individuals in all walks of life have the capability to think creatively and open up new opportunities for innovation. These are the individuals who have mastered the skill of visualizing a dynamic and successful future and then creating what they envision with optimism and hope. Einstein’s words have never ringed truer, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. It is a preview of life’s coming attractions.”

James Mapes, the leading authority on the psychology of “applied imagination,” demonstrates that success can be achieved by a clear understanding and application of the mind. James skillfully stretches people’s perceptions to see new possibilities and experience how their own imagination works. He guides his audience to understand that the powerful mental pictures we all carry around with us impact the opportunities we see and are the force which shapes how we thrive in challenging times.

In this engaging, practical, interactive and entertaining program, James captures and holds the audience’s attention with a compelling series of stories, demonstrations and video clips that leave no doubt that – “you can achieve what you imagine.” Participants will experience applying their own imagination to craft a personal “vision” that instills passion and motivation in – all areas of life. The audience will leave this thought-provoking, fascinating and inspiring journey learning:

  • How to apply their imagination to successfully achieve goals.
  • How to craft a compelling, emotional, realistic and persuasive future vision.
  • How to recognize and break through limiting fears.
  • How to use core values to unlock motivation.
  • How to take risks.
  • How to manage change for growth.

Program Length: 45 minutes – 90 minutes

True Leadership: The Neuroscience of Effective Leaders

What is leadership-really? The business world is awash with leadership philosophies, how-to books and training institutes that can leave even the savvy manager perplexed as to exactly how to encourage employees to develop their own leadership style. It is important to push aside the clutter and get back to a fundamental understanding of what “true” leadership traits are essential for success. The adage “leaders are born, not made” is questionable, as it takes hard work to craft a leadership style that works for each individual.

In this provocative, confrontational, lively and interactive presentation, renowned performance coach and best-selling author James Mapes incorporates his legendary humor, movie clips and an array of audience exercises to reveal:

  • The five core traits of all great leaders.
  • Why morality, a nice disposition and power do not necessarily make a great leader.
  • A guide for participants to enhance their personal leadership style and permanently transform it.
  • How to craft an emotionally charged, clear and realistic future vision to motivate.

Program Length: 60 – 90 minutes