I titled this A Gift of Healing because a blog usually presents practical information or a story that creates insight and, hopefully, a call to action.

I want to impart information but also ask for your help in giving a gift.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are more than 51 million in-patient and out-patient surgeries performed in the United States every year.

My question is: how many of these surgery patients know they can learn how to reduce their pre-surgery stress, manage pain and heal more quickly by learning mental skills that enhance traditional medicine?

Beginning in the mid-1970’s, I began to work with cancer patients for pain management and helping control nausea due to chemotherapy. I stretched my skill set and then began to teach pre-surgery patients relaxation exercises to reduce stress before surgery.

Of course, now it is accepted in the field of neuroscience that reducing stress before surgery helps control specific hormones that can be dangerous to the patient – both and following surgery. There is no doubt that learning mental imagining and meditation techniques can help post-surgery patients heal more quickly.

Five and a half years ago, I had successful open heart surgery for a valve replacement. I used, on myself, the techniques I developed over the years. It helped me immensely. Then, applying the latest research on brain science as well as stress reduction, mindfulness and visualization techniques, I created a two-disk CD program – Patient Pre-Op/Post-Op Healing Therapy – to help pre-surgery patients prepare and heal more quickly.

The results have been nothing short of remarkable. This works for many types of surgery including hip, back, spine, brain and knee. The program is both downloadable and available in hard copy.

Now, I need your help. I want to give away 50-200 downloads to pre-surgery patients. My idea is to find a not-for-profit hospital or other venue with an alternative medicine program that is willing to accept my gift and provide this program to their patients. It’s all about patient satisfaction.

All I ask is that the patient let me know if using my program helped – and in what kind of surgery.

So, if have suggestions you can email me at james@jamesmapes.com