Change Perspective

As I was recently reminded, we really do have control as to how we see things – our perspective. In celebration of a very special event we invited two dear friends of ours stay at our home in Connecticut. Before he retired, Douglas ran the literary department at William Morris in London. Sally Ann is a brilliant actress and a star of stage and screen. Both are lovely, informed and intelligent people.


Change Perspective

Do we have control over our perspective? Make a choice to see the world through eyes of possibility and hope rather than negativity and fear.


Dinner was a lively swirl of conversation covering every subject from politics to movies, from books to the theater. Except for Douglas, we all expressed concern and a little bleakness about Iraq, Afghanistan, the economy and, of course, politics. What was amazing is that when any of the three of us expressed something negative, Douglas turned it around and put a positive spin on the subject.

The war? Look at the past and realize that, even if we don’t think so at the time, something good has always come out of conflict.

The stock market? Look at history and understand that it has always recovered. And on it went.

How was he able to do that? Here’s how. He had made a choice to look at the world through the eyes of possibility and hope rather than negativity and fear.

My spirits rose as once again was reminded that I could also make that choice to see the positive – at any time. I needed to “hang out” with more people like Douglas and Sally Ann.


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