Choice is such a deceptively simple word, one that at first glance can easily be dismissed. It is only when you realize that every choice you make weaves the unique fabric of your life. If you choose to turn right, the options you would see making a left turn would – disappear. If you choose to say “no”, the opportunities that might have appeared saying “yes” become – invisible.

I’ve been thinking a lot about choice lately. I realize that I have been able to live a dream. I’ve had four very successful careers and I am now embarking on a fifth. The challenge has been keeping all the careers going – speaking, writing, performing, coaching and acting. Fortune has been in my favor. And I’ve had great support.

Now – today – I feel a deeper sense of urgency than ever before and have decided to attempt the impossible by taking all five careers to the next level. And, to add to this challenge, my desire is to have this movement happen rather quickly. I want my playing field and those supporting me to become bigger and the opportunities – larger. If I want the dreams that I clearly picture in my mind’s eye to become reality, the speed with which opportunities occur must occur in quantum leaps. How do I do that?

As I look back on my life, I’ve never believed in taking the traditional path and I see that all my “luck” has sparked from relationships – from people who believed in me and were willing to take a risk. Of course, there have been failures but there have been far more wins. I don’t think I have ever lacked courage. In my younger years, I always jumped into the lion’s den and then learned how to fight the lion. I still bear those scars. Now, I’ve gotten wiser before leaping into the lion’s den. My lance and shield are preparation and practice.

What seems clear to me now is that I must choose to do what I have resisted in the past. Where I believed others’ should jump aboard my vision with blind faith and work for love I now see that I must find people who want to jump aboard my vision and energy and – pay them well in advance. I have already put the wheels in motion by engaging one of the top consultants in the speaking field. I’ve hired a Hollywood consultant as well, and I am engaging a top editor to help hone my new book.

So, my “coaching” advice to you is to examine the choices you are making right now in terms of achieving your own success. Look at your goals and brainstorm with yourself as to how you can bring aboard a team to help you achieve your dreams.