I recently had a personal experience that did not go as planned. In fact, it was extremely unpleasant and quite honestly, a bit of a roundhouse kick to the solar plexus of my ego. My first response was shock but within a few hours it had morphed from self-pity to anger to rationalization and back to anger again.

“Enough”, I shouted to myself and I did what I have trained my mind to do when a situation like this arises. I asked myself, “What is the lesson? What did I learn? Within a short period of time the answer began to emerge and with the answer I took action and with the action I felt I was back in control.

The truth is that we can always find the good hidden in the bad and use it to our advantage. You just have to know it’s there waiting to be discovered. It never depends on the situation. It depends on having the mindset that there is always a lesson to be learned when something negative happens and that you are capable of learning it and responding in a proactive, positive way.