Patient Healing Needs Encouragement

Sometimes timing works out perfectly. We launched our new program, PATIENT PRE-OP/POST-OP HEALING THERAPYTM less than two weeks ago and the response has been overwhelming positive.
This 45-minute interactive program is designed to help patients facing major surgery – manage their thinking. Attendees are taught to use simple focusing and imaging techniques to improve their sense of well-being and be able to move towards their procedure with calmness, hope and an understanding of the mind-body connection.
What is most interesting to me is to discover that the majority of doctors and surgeons have developed fairly straightforward and successful strategies for assuring a successful outcome for specific surgeries. It begins by informing patients, usually 2 weeks prior to surgery, what to expect. The surgeons basically know how long a patient will be in ICU and then recovery. They also have a schedule for which tube comes out when, how much exercise the patient should be doing on a specific day following surgery and what medications should be taken for how long, etc.
What is not addressed is the patient’s fear and anxiety level proceeding surgery. Yet, we know that fear and stress, based on expectation, has a major negative impact on the brain and the body every minute of every day. Recent studies have shown that negative stress can lower the immune system, affect our blood pressure and, generally, make us vulnerable to illnesses of all sorts. Therefore, it stands to reason that if negative stress and fear can be controlled for patients facing surgery, the benefits would be enormous. They are.
Every pre-op patient I have helped prepare for majority surgery reported that his or her fear was reduced to a whisper, that they went in to surgery with total calmness, trusted their surgeons and caregivers totally and expected a full recovery. If you would like to take a look at the description of my program, visit my web site: