Motivate yourself

If you are, as I am, your own boss, it is also likely that you are your own motivator and leader. This means you would be wise to learn every skill at your disposal to motivate, stimulate, renew and manage yourself. Why? The answer is because you don’t want to unknowingly fall into the trap of procrastination and harsh self-judgment.
I don’t believe that there is such a reality as “wasting time.” We only have twenty-hours in a day and how you choose to spend this commodity is your business and therefore, not to be judged by anyone but you.
However, I also believe in spending your precious resource of time in the best way possible and that is living a life that makes you feel good about – you. So if you are going to play – play. If you want to fritter away your time puttering around that’s both a healthy and stress-relieving choice. The point is – just make the choice and be accountable.
If you want to give yourself a little “juice” to get going, here are a couple of tips:
1. Stop for a moment and reflect on your passion, what truly gives you joy – even if it is not what you are pursuing at this moment. Recall a favorite moment and feel how that energizes you. Use the energy and – go forth.
2. Contact someone that you admire, someone who gives you energy. Have a short email or voice chat. Inquire how the other person is doing. You will be surprised at how charged up you will be.
3. Exercise. It doesn’t have to be a big deal. Walk outside for 15 minutes or around the house a few times or – stretch for 60 seconds. It will change your brain chemistry and – give you energy.
4. Take a break. Taking a break works wonders, especially choosing to take a break when you feel most pressured. It only needs to be a couple of minutes.
5. Grab a magazine and read it for 10 – 15 minutes. You do have magazines, don’t you? I always have five to six subscriptions and I ALWAYS GET IDEAS.