The Subconscious Rules!

Without question, your subconscious rules your conscious choices and has its own set of rules.

Rule #1: The subconscious does not think in the traditional sense but reacts out of the brains primitive fight or flight programming.

Rule #2: The subconscious moves us towards what gives pleasure (even if what gives us pleasure is destructive) and moves us away from anyone or anything that causes us fear or threatens our survival – even if the threat is perceptual.

Rule #3: The subconscious is the center of our emotions and the storehouse of our memories (real or imagined.)

Rule #4: The strongest memories held in the subconscious are anchored with a strong emotion.

Rule #5: The subconscious cannot hear a negative suggestion such as “Don’t think of failing” and interprets it as “Think of Failing.”

In the purest sense the subconscious takes what is presented to it by an outside source – other people, TV, Internet, books, articles, blogs or by what we imagine and – interprets it as – FACT.

Rule #6: THIS IS THE BIG ONE:  The subconscious cannot tell the difference between a real or an imagined experience.  This opens up unlimited possibilities to be mindful and cease feeding the subconscious information that is negative, fearful, self-limiting and destructive.

Take charge of your imagination; manage your thinking and – limit the amount of negative input from the Internet or television. Read inspiring articles, blogs or books.  Surround yourself with positive people. Manage your thinking by visualizing what you want, not what you don’t want .  Think about it.  The subconscious does rule!