The Magic of Quantum Leap Thinking™

Nearly four decades ago my team and I created Quantum Leap Thinking™ to help others manage their thinking and live their most exceptional life. The first of my three books is entitled “The Magic of Quantum Leap Thinking.”

I passionately feel it is time to revisit these principles and update what I have learned over many years of coaching. So, this will be the first of several blogs to coach you to manage your thinking in the most productive of ways.

The exercises, information, strategies, and distinctions will provide you with the tools to help tilt your thinking in the most positive perspective possible.

The universe is made up of facts and their oppositive. We, by nature, are usually not aware of the paradoxical character of things because we cannot see both sides at once. For example, the cube below can be seen from several different perspectives.

Three-dimensioal cube

At first glance, you may be looking at the cube from above. When you shift your perspective, you see the cube from below. And yet, with another shift of perspective, you can see the cube with one side prominent.

Just like our thinking, this paradoxical cube shifts how it is presented to you. But nothing has really changed or, has it? Just the way you choose to look at it changes everything. By a single choice of observation, the cube’s perspective is fixed, and all other possibilities become invisible.

Let’s bring this idea of ‘shifting perspective into today’s world.

I want you to take a moment and focus on each subject I list. Notice your emotional reaction and feel it in your body.

  • War in Ukraine. (Pause and notice your emotional reaction)
  • The freedom you have in your life. (Pause and notice your emotional reaction)
  • The present Israel and Palestinian situation. (Pause and notice your emotional reaction)
  • The person you love most in your life. (Pause and notice your emotional reaction)
  • The massacre in Maine. (Pause and notice your emotional reaction)
  • A baby’s innocent smile. (Pause and notice your emotional reaction)

I think you get the point. Not only where you focus your attention but how you think and the perspective you take determines your joy and happiness.

Your mind is the key to the quality of your life.

If you played the game with the cube and the subjects above, you already experienced this change of perspective in a profound way.

The following series of articles that will be posted in the near future will truly present to you the magic of Quantum Leap Thinking™.