Change your Perspective INSTANTLY!

cvs2Let’s call your point of view your current view of the situation, or your CVS. You have a current view of your relationships, your job, a creative project, potential travels, or your financial situation. The current view of the situation is simply how, at this very moment, you define specific goals or expectations, and your CVS is controlled totally by your perceptions.  Your currant view is not set in stone.

You create your CVS, and because you create it, you can create something different, something better. You can take any CVS and shift it into a better one. For example, I had to go to Hong Kong to speak to an Australian insurance company. It had been a particularly busy season, and I was feeling a little ragged around the edges. My CVS was an exhausting plane trip, followed by jet lag, doing my lecture, stumbling back to the hotel, and taking another long flight home. That was my CVS, but I had a choice to create a far better view of the situation (BVS). I reminded myself that the plane trip would give me an opportunity to read a latest Stephen King novel. First class on Singapore Airlines meant excellent service, good food, and comfortable seats. The hotel where I was staying was wonderful. The client had scheduled an extra day for either relaxing or sightseeing. From that perspective, it actually sounded quite exciting. And I was getting paid to do what I love. I created a BVS from a CVS, and as I did, I felt my mood change.

You can do that, too. You can instantly change your current view of the situation to a better view of the situation.  Here’s the rub.  In order to do that you must remind yourself to consciously switch your perception.  If you practiced a martial art every day, the skill would become etched on your subconscious, and when you needed to defend yourself, you would respond as a reflex. If you repeat something to yourself one hundred times, three times a day, you will remember it when the need arises.

So repeat to yourself one hundred times, three times daily, ‘‘Change my current view of the situation to a better view of the situation.’’

I can make it even easier:  “CVS to BVS.”

You can repeat ‘‘CVS to BVS’’ one hundred times in less than two minutes. Do you think you can handle doing that three times a day? Are you willing to invest six minutes out of 24 hours to master a skill that can help you explode to the extraordinary? Give it a go for seven days. You will notice yourself becoming more aware of your choices. If you do this, I guarantee you that whenever you need to change your viewpoint, it will happen automatically.

In quantum physics, jumps take place in a random and unexpected fashion by a heating-up process. In life, leaps happen in the same way. When you are committed to continuous action and consistent growth, the magic will happen at the most unexpected times.