Picture Yourself

Guest blog Picture Yourself by Tom Asacker, author, The Business of Belief. This is a must read book.

“Ladies and gentlemen . . . the Beatles!”
50 years ago this month, 4 Liverpudlians rocked a nation.
Their shocking performance on “The Ed Sullivan Show” was seen by one in three Americans.
And that novel picture transformed countless lives.
It inspired young Robert Cray to buy his first guitar.
It showed Billy Joel that he could make a living doing what he loved.
“Now my path is clear.”
It gave Stevie Van Zandt “hope for my life.”
David Crosby and the Byrds “went out and got the same guitars.”
Such is the power of a vision, a picture of possibility.
It animates desire.
It lights up the present with a story of a better future
It incites belief.
And belief, in our story, is what moves us.
It ignites the spark that fuels our actions.
And so a trash talking teenager from Louisville, Kentucky becomes what he believes.
“The Greatest” boxer of all-time.
An Austrian kid with a thick accent and impossible name creates a story of fame and fortune.
And becomes a bodybuilding champion, action film icon, and Governor of California.
A gangly, freckle-faced nerd imagines himself an entrepreneur and drops out of Harvard.
And eventually turns into the richest person in the world.
Sure, fortunate circumstances come into play.
But belief is what puts us in those places and at those times.
Belief is what compels Lady Luck to rub up against us.
And allows the world to witness the dance.
So picture yourself.
Don’t be a nowhere man, a fool on a hill.
Think for yourself.
Opportunities are here, there, and everywhere.
Eight days a week.
And belief is your ticket to ride.