The “Impossible to Possible” Exercise

In my journal from 1999 I stumbled upon a mind exercise I created out of my neurotic frustration with not moving faster in my multi-faceted career. It is called the “Impossible to Possible Exercise.”

I now use it as part of my private coaching sessions to spur ideas of solving a specific challenge. I pass it on to you in the hope that it triggers a new idea for you.


Impossible to Possible Exercise

Do you have a challenge you want to overcome? I challenge you to try the Impossible to Possible Exercise!


Here is The “Impossible to Possible” Exercise

1. Think of a problem/challenge (personal or professional) that you would like to resolve or break-through.
2. Visualize (preferably write down) where you would ideally like to ‘see’ yourself six months to one year from today.
3. Define exactly what must change in order to solve the problem or break through your present barrier.
4. Given your present view of the future, what assumptions are you making about what will not change or, what seems impossible to change.
5. Courage Alert! What would you have to shift about your thinking and/or behavior, now, to make the change possible?
6. What relationships would you have to support and nurture to achieve your desired outcome?
7. What is the payoff for not changing (refusing to change) your thinking and behavior. What do you get to avoid saying or doing? What risks do you get to avoid taking?
8. How would creating the changes necessary affect your personal or professional relationships?
9. What actions can you take NOW to move you towards making the impossible, possible?