My Top Secret Tips for Achieving Successful Resolutions and Goals

First, let’s get some facts straight. Research shows that more than 80% of us fail at keeping our New Year’s resolutions because we unconsciously set ourselves up for failure. One of the main reasons is, without awareness, we focus on the downside of not achieving their goals. That means we’re giving power to fear instead of to desire and passion.

These tips are based on the latest brain research. Apply them you will give yourself an edge for success:

1. Be honest with – you. Make sure your resolutions are not based in guilt. That includes…I should… I would if… or I could if only… All these mindsets are based in fear and misplaced focus.

2. Align your goals with your values. Check to be sure your resolutions are aligned with your values. Write down your three most important values. They will be your most deeply-held beliefs. When your resolutions are in alignment with what you believe and who you are – you will achieve results.

3. Make your resolutions realistic. Sometimes our overzealousness or fear puts the imagination on the wrong track which leads to setting standards that are unrealistic and, therefore, unachievable. When setting any goal, take a realistic look at your resources, including the time you can devote to working on your goal, the money you might need to invest and the support you might require.

4. After you make your resolution and set a clear goal, break it down into small steps. You don’t want to overwhelm your subconscious; you want to create small wins. Failure may teach you lessons but failure can also rob you of a sense of self-control. It is the “wins” of life that help you build self-confidence. Here is a fact about the chemistry of your brain: small wins actually grow the brain for success. Success really does breed success.

5. Each time you succeed in taking a small step towards achieving your goal, smother yourself with kindness and praise. Give yourself a reward. Tell yourself how proud you are of you. Believe it or not, this actually helps rewire your brain for success and builds internal motivation, self-confidence and resiliency.

5. Recognize that will-power is a finite resource. When you feel you are constantly going against the flow and always have to stay on course by willpower alone, you are doomed to failure. Willpower is a great adjunct to your mental took kit for achieving success but it actually drains the brains energy and then – eventually people go back to their previous behavior and habits. When you align your resolutions with your life priorities (mental, physical, spiritual, social and emotional), you create internal passion and give yourself a great advantage to succeed.

6. Share your resolutions and goals with people you trust. This builds accountability both from within and from outside yourself.

7. Create a positive environment for success. This includes surrounding yourself with people who are positive, believe in you and are your cheerleaders. Simply put – stay away from the naysayers and energy drainers.

By applying these strategies you will rank among the small group who do set and turn resolutions into reality.