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Leading With Presence

It’s difficult to overestimate the impact of your leadership style on your company. Your influence is felt in a variety of ways; from the mood you project within your office to the expectations you establish through your policies. Some of READ MORE
Thinking: Turning Daydreams into Strategies by Mark Sanborn

Thinking: Turning Daydreams into Strategies by Mark Sanborn

  Descarte said, “I think, therefore I am.” Since we are thinking, we must certainly exist. But it is also true: I think better and I become better. Effective thinking is the strong foundation for everything that happens. It’s where READ MORE

Is Your Customer Experience Plain Vanilla?

I have a confession; I almost always go for the “off the beaten path” choice.  Tried and true is typically trumped by “I’ve never had that before.”  So you can imagine my reaction when the waiter seated us and handed READ MORE

May you RIP – Rest In Presence by Sunil Bali

As he plummeted 24 miles to Earth at a speed of 833 mph, Felix Baumgartner went into an uncontrollable “death spin”. To make matters worse he couldn’t see, because his visor was covered in condensation. In the months leading READ MORE

What is willpower? by Tom Asacker

Have you heard of SmartPlate? It’s a high tech dish that “tells” you what you’re eating. It can “detect the difference between a fried drumstick and a grilled one.” (In case you can’t). I guess it’s suppose to be a READ MORE
The Magic of Service Animation  by Chip R. Bell

The Magic of Service Animation by Chip R. Bell

After purchasing a new lakeside home, my wife and I elected to “break the bank” and add a room with an indoor spa. One compelling reason was the fact that we have three granddaughters, 6, 8 and 11. At every READ MORE

I’ve Never Been Wrong by Tom Asacker

In 2008, I made nine predictions for 2009. And whaddya know? Each and every one of them has come true every year since. I’ve never been wrong. One time I thought I was wrong, but I was mistaken. :) And so, I think I’ll stick with them for 2015 as well. READ MORE

Think it, Ink it, Do it, Review it, by Sunil Bali

Think it, Ink it, Do it, Review it, by Sunil Bali READ MORE

Getting started with what you have is the key to reaching where you want to go – by Josh Hinds

There will always be barriers -- at least when it comes to accomplishing anything of significance. The challenges of life bring with the important opportunities to grow, to become better, and READ MORE

6 Ways to Enlarge Your Imagination with Wonder by Mark Sanborn

G.K. Chesterton was a writer who lived large—both figuratively and literally—and who was wildly in love with life. He said, “The world will never lack for wonders, only wonder.” READ MORE
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