My wife and I have wanted to take a Norwegian Cruise on Seabourn for seven years. In spite of our busy career schedules, we decided with full awareness that life is unpredictable and fast moving, to make the commitment.
Being who we are, we purchased two expensive, unlimited Internet packages for the cruise’s duration. And, we brought notes and materials for a screenplay which we intended to rewrite, ideas for articles and on it goes. As we flew to Copenhagen to pick up the ship we decided we would to enjoy the first four days of the cruise without the pressure of writing which, by the way, we do regardless of our location. However, the fifth day we woke up, looked at each other, and said, “Let’s take another day and just relax.” The next day, the same and, well…
Bottom line – this cruise was a most fabulous experience full of fun, stimulating people and exciting off the ship adventures. Within five days, I noticed my ever clenched jaw unclench. I began to read books that I haven’t had time to read. Although I working out in the ships gym five days a week, I rested a great deal or, as we say on the island of St. Thomas in the USVI’s, I just “limed.” Easily and without resistance, I found myself examining my life choices in all areas. Then, magically, new ideas begin to pop up and I felt genuine enthusiasm.
Although we checked email and dealt with issues at home that had to be dealt with, we totally renewed and recharged. We kept the news shut off the ships television but, to keep abreast of the news, we read the daily delivered condensation of the world news. We laughed, played and let the beautiful atmosphere envelope us. We made friends and shared stories. WE SHUT OUT NEGATIVITY.
A few months ago I wrote an article about learning to pause and let life catch up with you. This is what we did – let life catch up with us. There wasn’t a day that went by where we didn’t express our gratitude. We hugged a lot and we laughed a great deal.
While everyone does not have the freedom to take a cruise as we did, everyone has the opportunity to press their own personal pause button. Yes, it takes willingness and commitment. Life does not support you to stop and renew. It doesn’t have to be 21 days. It could just be 21 minutes. If you haven’t read the enormous benefits of learning to meditate, perhaps you might want to.